Areas of Expertise Project Management

EMI has managed investigative, design, construction, and operation and maintenance projects that encompass a wide range of soil and groundwater conditions. Our project management experience includes multi-million dollar projects with significant public exposure and regulatory oversight. We have worked in numerous states across the United States. When managing site closures we always look to identify future site uses that are consistent with effective remedial strategies. Please contact us for more detailed information on any of our project highlights listed below.

Project Highlights:

• Developed a detailed understanding of soil conditions at a site in California that was so significant that a $50 million U.S. EPA selected soil treatment remedy was replaced with a $12 million containment remedy.

• Developed an approach at a site in California that suspended operation of a ground water extraction and treatment system after only thirty months of operation. Our data demonstrated that natural attenuation was reducing the concentrations of constituents of concern towards the cleanup objectives.

• Managed the analysis of groundwater conditions at a site in Michigan so that natural attenuation replaced the ROD selected pump and treat remedy.

• Managed the analysis of groundwater conditions at a site in Illinois to limit the extent and duration of groundwater extraction and treatment based on technical impracticability.

• Led post-ROD remedy negotiations at a site in New York that thwarted an attempt by the U.S. EPA to expand leachate collection requirements into groundwater extraction and treatment.

• Managed data evaluation at a site in Indiana that resulted in suspension of off-gas treatment system operation, a major contributor to the operating costs at the site.

• Worked with land use planning firms to identify specific future uses that are compatible with effective remedial options.

• Used risk-based approaches to develop cleanup levels. For example, EMI has negotiated cleanup levels based on 10-4 exposure point risks and 10-5 exposure domain risks.


EMI has significant expertise in the following areas:

Project Management

Construction Management

Dispute Resolution

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