Areas of Expertise Construction Management

EMI uses its significant contracting experience to develop strong contract documents, conduct negotiations and complete projects with a minimum of claims. During contract development and negotiation, we focus on cost and risk issues to develop a balanced contract approach. We also use our construction experience to ensure that technical project requirements are met and progress is maintained. With very few exceptions, projects managed by EMI have been completed ahead of or on schedule, and have been under or on budget.

Project Highlights:

• Led contract negotiations for a $10 million off-site removal action that resulted in a bid price reduction of $1.5 million by balancing cost and risk issues.

• Led negotiations for replacement of a defaulted contractor via settlement, without claims or litigation involving our clients.

• Led negotiations that settled a $5.5 million claim for approximately $90,000, a $1.2 million claim for approximately $100,000 and a $350,000 claim for approximately $80,000.

• Managed numerous projects that have been completed without claims.


EMI has significant expertise in the following areas:

Project Management

Construction Management

Dispute Resolution

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