Areas of Expertise MGP Sites

As a project manager and expert, EMI has worked on many MGP sites, as well as related industry sites such as coal tar distillation and wood treating operations. EMI is familiar with manufactured gas making processes, the wastes generated by those processes and the waste management practices employed by the gas utility industry. EMI has significant experience in investigation, design and remediation of MGP sites. EMI understands the nature and movement of coal tar DNAPL in the subsurface.

Project Highlights:

• Expert reports and deposition testimony regarding operating conditions and environmental impact from MGP activities.

• Detailed process specific operations analysis, including the types and amounts of wastes generated.

• Managed investigation, design and remediation activities at former MGP sites.

• Familiar with risk assessment issues and remedial options for PAHs.

• Dr. Campbell’s graduate school research involved analysis of the environmental chemistry and treatment of coal conversion wastewaters.


EMI has significant expertise in the following areas:

Project Management

Construction Management

Dispute Resolution

MGP Sites