Professional Services Environmental Liability Management

EMI develops strategies and oversees implementation of activities to achieve the most effective solution for our clients’ environmental liabilities. We specialize in hazardous waste site closure and always look to identify future site uses that are consistent with effective remedial strategies. We are experienced in communicating remedial strategies to agency personnel and community groups. Our experience includes:

• Hazardous waste management
• Brownfield remediation
• Community relations support
• Order negotiation
• Site investigation
• Data evaluation
• Risk assessment
• Remedy selection
• Design and Construction
• Operation and maintenance
• Monitored Natural Attenuation
• In-situ treatment
• Containment
• Hazardous materials excavation and treatment
• Soil and sludge stabilization
• Soil vapor extraction
• Groundwater extraction and treatment
• Wastewater treatment
• Property acquisition and management


Professional Services:

Environmental Liability Management

Project Management

Civil Engineering

Dispute Resolution

Regulatory & Technical Analysis